4 C’s


Carat refers to the weight of a gemstone, and not a dimentional measurement. Not to be confused with karat, which refers to the purity of gold.


Clarity grades communicate the relief, location, and size of inclusions in a diamond. 

Dejenu & Co. only sources “FL”-“SI1” quality diamonds.


Colour is graded on a “D”-“Z” scale. “D” representing colourless diamonds, while “Z” refers to diamonds with a saturation of colour. Anything past “Z” is considered “Fancy”... we have those too.

Dejenu & Co. only uses “D”-“I” quality diamonds.


Cut grade is a qualitative analysis of the facet proportions, symmetry, and polish of a diamond. Graded on a scale from “Excellent”-“Poor”. Stones with an Excellent Cut, Excellent Symmetry, and Excellent Polish are known as, “Ideal” cut diamonds.

Dejenu & Co. only source “Excellent”-“Very Good” quality diamonds. 

Only the finest, Only the best